Custom Casters

Custom casters – produced to meet your custom specifications by Algood Caster Innovations.

In over forty years of manufacturing, we have produced many custom casters. All of the casters presented on this page were produced to meet custom specifications. We hope that by viewing our custom caster products you will either find a caster that meets your requirements or one that can be re-designed to do so. If you do not see the caster, stem, or wheel you are looking for, please call our Customer Service department or send us a message .

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Mounted vertically to the unit elevated by manual crank effortlessly to desired position.
Custom designed to accommodate any weight capacity and application. Customized mounting bracket available.

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This heavy capacity, low profile caster is ideal for Rack Moving equipment. This custom unique caster is engineered with a 3” x 3” steel wheel, a 1”-8 x 4” treaded stem, with a 2500 lb. capacity.

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This 10”x2 1/2” Kingpinfree™ Typhoon caster is custom designed to travel in the lead position to steer. This enables the caster to be pulled at the front of the unit and steer. Weight capacity is 950lbs.

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This 6”X2” Pneumatic fits in the Maxx™, EMaxx™ and 7000 series. The pneumatic cushion is excellent for applications where floor and equipment protection are vital. Quiet ride and ease of rolling provided by air pressure. Excellent for delicate materials and uneven rough floor surfaces.

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eHABS – Emergency Hand Activated Brake System™ – patent pending

The Hand Braking Device (HBD) is a most innovative product custom designed by Algood. The HBD has many possibilities that allow for a brake or swivel lock to be engaged and disengaged by hand, instead of the conventional foot operated devices. The HBD is excellent for ergonomically challenged applications. As well, the brake can be engaged with greater speed than foot activated brakes.

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A variety of customized rims are available on 2” treaded casters. All of these wheels are manufactured with Algood’s RollX™ material.

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WOW™ Hub Cap enhances the caster and your product! Uniquely designed to resemble a Mag wheel in motion at stationary position. When in motion, WOW™ rotates with the wheel. Available in 5” x 2” and 6” x 2” wheels. Available in Chrome, Black, Copper and Brass.

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This die-cast aluminum leveling caster allows for moving heavy equipment. Once the equipment is in place, there is an adjustment knob in the back that is turned which brings down the foot or pad, lifting the wheel off the ground to prevent rolling. The foot is raised until the unit is level.

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Specifically designed for equipment that must be protected from shock, vibration and noise reduction. The custom design gives vertical deflection in response to a light load. It will provide smooth shock absorption & will not suddenly bottom out. This caster will provide a smooth ride if dropped or subjected to a sudden impact. Algood’s Spring Loaded Indicator is included, enabling user to estimate weight load on product.

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Dramatically enhance your product or display with our plastic Coloured Caster series. Available with ALock™ brake and weight capacity is 250lbs.

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