Custom Casters

Custom casters – produced to meet your custom specifications by Algood Caster Innovations.

In over forty years of manufacturing, we have produced many custom casters. All of the casters presented on this page were produced to meet custom specifications. We hope that by viewing our custom caster products you will either find a caster that meets your requirements or one that can be re-designed to do so. If you do not see the caster, stem, or wheel you are looking for, please call our Customer Service department or send us a message .

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Retractable caster custom designed to move stationary merchandise at a push of a foot. By engaging the foot pedal, the unit rises off the permanent unit feet to ride on the casters. Excellent for kiosks and display tables.

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Bandit™ Rim is an aluminum core with Algood’s RollX™ material bonded to the core. Don’t be fooled by the cool looks, the Bandit™ has a capacity of 900 lbs. Ideal for detail enthusiasts. Wheel is non-marking and extremely ergonomically efficient, as it requires minimum effort to roll and swivel with heavy loads.

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A uniquely designed and custom engineered caster featuring special overall height with a 6 ”x 2” Envirothane™ wheel and thread guards. Two specially placed 4 position swivel locks, lock the swivel and the plate in position in a cargo container for transferring of sensitive components and material.

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Originally designed to be mounted on a table leg to accommodate tubing. 4 Position Swivel Lock converts swivel caster to rigid by engaging plunger. ALock™ engaged to lock wheel.

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Our 1900 series offers two models of the Ladder Spring Loaded casters. Available in a left or right sided version, these casters are excellent for inside/outside use, especially where rolling surface is uneven. This side mountable caster is excellent as a gate caster. Excellent for low clearance requirements. This unit has a low 8.1” overall height.

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Algood’s Hospital Caster is a 6” swivel caster with directional lock, ALock and swivel lock. Wheels are nylon core with polyurethane treads and precision bearings in both wheels. The steel stem has a Cam hole for a profile bar. Weight capacity is 300lbs.

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This 1-1/2” x 1-1/2” I.D. square cup stem is available in our 5000 & 5300 series. The stem comes pre-drilled on 3 sides to accept wood or metal legs.

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Cool ICE™ wheels are manufactured with a polyolefin core & polyurethane tread in a variety of vibrant colours. ICE™ wheels fit in a variety of series and are standard with Precision Ball Bearings. Available in 2”, 2 1⁄2” & 3” diameter wheels, with capacity of up to 90lbs.

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Dual ICE™ wheels inserted in the 5000 series to enhance weight capacity and provide a dynamic effect.

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The Casterboot™ is a revolutionary system created to save you time and money. Casterboots™ will convert virtually any stationary table into a rolling table in seconds. The Casterboot™ has been custom designed to simply work as a boot. You slip it on and turn the knob. It’s that easy! No more complex installations and broken parts. Many sizes available.

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