How to Select the Correct Algood Caster & Wheel

It is critical to consider all factors when selecting the proper caster and wheel. Ultimately, each application is unique and one must consider the caster and wheel that is most suitable for their particular application. Remember, when in doubt, contact us at 1-800-ALGOOD.3 (254.6633) or by using our Contact Form 

The following are the most important criteria to consider:

Load Weight
The heavier the load, the larger the wheel diameter required for the caster and the wheel. The weight of the load also influences rollability. Bearings are recommended for loads over 250 pounds. Weight capacities listed in our catalogue are Dynamic or Rolling Load, which is the load imposed upon a caster or wheel while in use. One should also consider the Impact or Shock Load, which is the momentary load imposed upon a caster or wheel when the load is dropped on equipment, strikes an obstruction or vibrates.

Floor Conditions
Make sure you consider what type of floor protection is required. Your wheel must be large enough to negotiate your unique floor conditions, such as cracks in the floor, tracks, moldings, or any other unforeseen obstacles.

Unusual Conditions
Each wheel has certain characteristics, which will give the best results where unusual conditions exist. Check conditions and then select a caster and/or wheel. Be sure to consider unusual environmental conditions such as moisture, extreme heat or cold, exposures to chemicals, blood, fats, oils, salt, etc. Please refer to our Wheel Selection Guide.

Rollability is the ease with which caster and wheel is rolled. This is affected by the wheel size, tread width, tread composition, and bearings. The larger the wheel, the easier the roll. A hard, narrow crowned tread rolls easier than a flat soft tread on a smooth floor, but the wheel may be hard on the floor. Soft treads protect floors and pass over floor obstructions more easily. Use the largest wheel diameter for best results.

Swivel Radius
The swivel radius is the measured horizontal distance from the vertical center line of the kingpin to the outside edge of the wheel tread. The swivel radius specifies the minimum clearance required for a mounted caster to swivel 360 degrees. The larger the swivel radius, the easier the caster will rotate.

Extreme Temperatures
Our caster and wheel specifications are designed to operate under normal conditions. Extreme heat or cold will affect the performance of the caster and wheel.

Technical Assistance
Algood Caster Innovations are available from stocking distributors across Canada and the United States, Mexico, and beyond. Distributors are caster specialists who can help you select the proper caster to suit your unique requirements. If you require information, you can call us directly at 1.800.ALGOOD.3 (254.6633) or use the contact form on our website.

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