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We are Caster Manufacturers

We are proud North American manufacturers. Our 70,000-square-foot fully integrated facility in Toronto houses our engineering and design team, tool and die workshop, injection molding, and CNC machining complex, robotic welding unit, and complete quality assurance area – all under one roof. Our robust production capacity ensures we meet our customers' requirements with unwavering dependability and flexibility.

Design Focused

Great Design is in our DNA. Using the most advanced technology, our engineering and design team develops products to meet unique customer specifications and perform flawlessly in the field.

Customer Driven

Your success is our success. Since our inception in 1969, the needs of our customers are at the heart of everything we do. Every process, product and decision is focused on meeting the needs of you, our customers.

Innovative Solutions

We are experts at translating customer requirements into unique products or modifications that provide outstanding benefits. Our innovative approach leads to outstanding new products & enhancements.

Family-Owned Values

Our owner-managed, customer-centred, principle-based approach is what truly differentiates us in the marketplace. Values and accountability are at the core of everything we do.

Featured Products

Low Profile Casters | High Performance

Low Profile Casters | High Performance

With overall height as low as 2 1/4” and capacity as high as 2,000 lbs., our low-profile lineup can meet just about any need. Whether to accommodate space or accentuate aesthetics, our low-profile casters combine outstanding stability and maneuverability with sleek design. With a dual-wheel configuration to add capacity and make the caster even easier to maneuver.

Kingpinless Casters | Beauty & Brawn

Kingpinless Casters | Beauty & Brawn

Our kingpinless casters are precision-engineered, beautifully designed, hardworking and long-lasting. With capacities from 1,500 to 25,000 lbs., the kingpinless design features a machined raceway attached to the legs. Because the load is spread over a much larger area and the caster is welded directly to the head, kingpinless casters are more stable and more durable.

iLock™ Brake | Precision in Every Stop

iLock™ Brake | Precision in Every Stop

With outstanding performance and stunning design, our iLock™ directional and wheel lock brake is the industry leader. The iLock’s eight-position directional and wheel lock engages with absolute precision. Available on our 0800 Series, 5400 Series and EMaxx™ Series casters, the iLock™ brake can be used with the full range of Algood casters and wheels.

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Algood Casters has manufactured, designed and developed industrial and specialty casters, brakes and wheels since 1969, in capacities from 25 to 65,000 lbs.