Algood Blog: Product Spotlight: 5000 Series

A Caster with Countless Configurations

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Our 5000 Series are the most versatile casters we make. They come with an incredible array of options, including plates, stems, brakes, wheels and finishes. In addition, this is a caster that can be configured for just about any application. With a capacity of 450 lbs., the 5000 Series can handle an overall equipment load of more than 1,800 lbs.


Stunning Office Casters

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These hooded twin wheel casters are manufactured with the highest quality nylon material and are BIFMA approved. And they make equipment look fantastic! It’s no wonder they are a staple of the office furniture and home entertainment industries. The 300 Series casters are available in three sizes – 40 mm, 50 mm and 60 mm and have a maximum capacity of 125 lbs.

Algood Blog: Product Spotlight: Forged Steel Wheels

Forged Steel Wheels

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These are the strongest wheels we sell. They are drop forged from ASTM 1045 high-carbon steel and are practically indestructible. With a maximum capacity of 20,000 lbs, there is almost no payload that forged steel wheels won’t bear. Forged steel is an alloy of carbon and iron that is compressed under extreme pressure to make a very hard and strong substance.

Product Spotlight: MIGHTY MAXX

Low Profile. High Capacity.

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Our Mighty Maxx™ caster packs a punch while keeping a very low profile. It combines impressively low overall height of 3-5/8” with an equally impressive 1750 lbs. of capacity. The Mighty Maxx™ has been engineered for maximum strength. It is manufactured using a work-hardened proprietary steel.


A Lock on Performance

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Algood’s iLock™ braking mechanism provides performance and durability unparalleled in the marketplace. iLock™ is a precise eight position directional and wheel lock that provides perfect security. It engages with absolute precision and is available as a customizable position lock. iLock™ is part of Algood’s innovative product line.

Product Spotlight: Spring Loaded SL6803

Spring Loaded Wonder

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What makes Algood’s spring loaded casters so incredible is the built in scale that indicates how much weight is on the unit. Algood’s internal engineering department and fully resourced manufacturing facility allow us to develop customer focused caster solutions that meet requirements and budgets.

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