Algood Product Spotlight: Envirothane Wheels

17 Reasons to Choose Envirothane™ Wheels

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Our Envirothane™ Wheel can do just about anything – and anywhere. It has outstanding capacity, can be used indoors and outdoors, offers remarkable floor protection, is suitable for just about any application and is maintenance-free. Here are 17 reasons you should recommend or specify Envirothane™ Wheels:

Outstanding low-profile stainless steel

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Our 809 Series is the most outstanding low-profile stainless-steel caster on the market. It’s versatile and beautifully designed, but above all, it’s incredibly durable. With an overall height under 3”, the 809 Series delivers stainless steel’s strength and protective qualities for applications where overall height is critical.   These casters are manufactured using SAE 304 stainless steel, […]

Ductile Iron Wheels

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Ductile iron wheels are perfectly positioned between Cast Iron and Forged Steel Wheels, combining the best features of both for exceptional performance. Ductile iron is a modern alloy developed in the mid-20th century. It is made by adding a small amount of magnesium to molten iron, which causes the graphite to form in nodules rather […]

Algood Product Spotlight: 5400 Caster Series

700 lbs. of Value and Versatility

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Our 5400 Series casters offer the powerful combination of incredible versatility and superb value. This medium duty caster is a superstar delivering maximum performance at price points that will accommodate most budgets. The 5400 series is a true workhorse – dependable and maintenance free. The 5400 series is manufactured in our fully integrated plant in […]

Algood Product Spotlight: Stainless Steel MAXX9 Caster Series

A Stainless Steel Champion

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Our Maxx9™ casters offer the best of both worlds. Featuring our proprietary one-piece, no-weld construction and sleek-looking stainless steel, they provide durability and resistance to chemicals, moisture, and corrosives. With a head-turning, super-attractive design, the Maxx9 is truly a champion. The Maxx9 exemplifies superior North American engineering and production. Crafted meticulously from work-hardened, electropolished, and […]

Algood Product Spotlight: 600 Series Ball Casters

Iconic Ball Casters

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When you think about office chairs or furniture, you almost always conjure up an image of a ball caster. While ball casters are often associated with office chairs and furniture, they are not limited to that environment. Ball casters are versatile and can be effectively used in a wide range of settings, making them one […]

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