Innovate: Custom Length Stems

Custom Stem Lengths

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While stems are often an afterthought when creating caster specs, the right stem can make a huge difference in the performance of a caster. Not only do we make a complete range of stems including round, square, threaded, modular and metric stems, but we can also produce casters with custom stem lengths.

Insights Article: A Win for the ALK ALocking Brake

North American Win-Win

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A significant benefit of being a North American Caster Manufacturer is the ability to improve product design in response to operational issues that are brought to our attention. Our ALK Brake mechanism is located in the lead position of the caster and is engaged by stepping on the toe of the brake. That securely and positively locks…


High Capacity, Low Height, Turns on a Dime

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This configuration combined qualities that you almost never find together in one caster – high capacity that meets an overall height restriction and ergonomics to navigate tight spaces. To accomplish that we combined our kingpinless Typhoon™ head with two 4” x 2” NyRock™ wheels. 


Brakes on Rigid? You Bet.

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The most common pattern for four casters is two swivel casters on the rear of a piece of equipment and two rigid casters in front. When brakes are needed, they are almost always mounted on the swivel casters. But our customers told us that there are times when they need equipment to be completely locked […]


Zero Gravity

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Algood’s new Zero Gravity™ caster delivers a ride so smooth and so quiet, it’s like being in space. This heavy duty shock absorbing caster comes with precision ball bearings that provide ease of rolling. Dual springs take on uneven surfaces and obstructions while preventing shock to the load.


316 Stainless to the Rescue

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As good as 304 stainless steel is, sometimes it can’t do the job. For example, demand is increasing for casters that can withstand intense cleaning procedures. Similarly, IT production facilities now require an environment that is completely free of any contaminants. In many of these cases, the ideal solution is 316 stainless steel. That’s why […]

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