A Castersmith's Dictionary

Welcome to Algood's comprehensive Caster Terminology guide, where we demystify the world of casters. Explore key terms and industry jargon to make informed decisions for your caster solutions.

Axle & Nut: Components securing the caster and wheel to equipment; axle is central shaft, nut fastens it. 

Ball Transfers: Spherical bearings enabling smooth, omnidirectional load movement.

Blanks: Unfinished caster parts before machining or forming.

Bolt: Threaded fastener used for caster assembly and attachment.

Bolt Hole: Caster part opening to accommodate bolts or stems.

Bolt Hole Pattern: Arrangement of multiple holes in caster parts for mounting.

Bore: Central hole in the wheel, used for assembly and rotation.

Brake: Mechanism halting caster movement, enhancing safety.

Bushing: Component reducing friction and supporting caster rotation.

Capacity: Maximum weight a caster can bear safely.

CAD Model: Digital representation aiding caster design and visualization.

CNC: Precise machining method used in caster component production.

Coined: Shaping metal for caster parts by stamping or pressing.

Corrosion Resistance: Material's ability to withstand rust and deterioration.

Diameter: Measurement of caster wheel's width.

Deflection: Wheel deformation under load, affecting performance.

Drawing: Technical illustration or design plan for caster components.

Durometer: Tool measuring caster wheel material hardness.

Durometer Rating: Numeric hardness scale rating for material selection.

Dynamic Load Capacity: Max weight caster can handle while in motion.

Electro Polished: Surface treatment enhancing caster part's corrosion resistance.

Expandable: Adjustable caster design for versatility.

Flanged Bushing: Bushing with a flange for caster support.

Finish: Surface treatment for protection, aesthetics, or performance.

Forged Steel: Caster components formed from sturdy forged steel.

iLock: A locking mechanism for caster wheels.

Injection Molding: Caster part manufacturing process involving injecting material into molds.

Kingpin: Pivot point enabling smooth swivel caster rotation.

Keyway: Slot or groove for keys or pins, securing caster parts.

Laser Cut: Precision cutting technique for caster parts.

Leg Spacing: Distance between caster mounting points.

Lubrication: Applying lubricant for smooth caster operation.

Load: Weight applied to caster; crucial for capacity consideration.

Lock: Mechanism immobilizing caster for stability.

Lock Nut: Nut securing caster components in place.

Lower Raceway: Component guiding caster rotation at the bottom.

Manufacturer: Producer of caster components and assemblies.

Moldon: Caster wheel material known for durability and load-bearing.

Overall Height: Total vertical measurement of caster.

Plating: Surface coating for corrosion resistance or aesthetics.

Pitch: The distance between points on a screw's threaded stem.

Pneumatic: Air-filled caster for shock absorption and smooth movement.

Positional Lock: Locking mechanism for fixed caster direction.

Precision Bearing: High-quality bearings ensuring smooth caster motion.

Raceway: Groove guiding caster's rolling elements.

Raceway Seal: Component preventing contaminants from entering caster raceway.

Rigid: Fixed caster type, not swiveling.

Roller Bearing: Bearings with cylindrical rollers for caster motion.

Rollability: Ease of rolling under various loads and conditions.

Round Stem: Common caster stem shape for mounting.

Spanner Bushing: Bushing with slots, aiding caster installation.

Stainless Steel: Corrosion-resistant material used in caster components.

Stamping: Shaping caster parts through pressing or stamping.

Static Load Capacity: Max weight caster can bear while stationary.

Stem: Caster attachment point or shaft.

Steel Side Washer: Washer for load distribution, made of steel.

Supply Chain: Network involved in caster part production and distribution.

Swivel: Caster's ability to rotate horizontally for maneuverability.

Swivel Lead: Distance caster travels during a swivel.

Swivel Radius: Radius of swivel rotation circle.

Thread Guards: Shields protecting caster threads.

Threaded Stem: Stem with external threads for attachment.

Through Bore: A bore that extends entirely through a caster part, enabling axle or stem passage, crucial for swivel caster rotation.

Top Plate: Mounting plate for attaching casters.

Top Washer: Washer for stability on the upper side of the caster.

Tread Width: Width of caster wheel's contact surface.

Washer: Thin, flat hardware component for load distribution.

Work Hardened: Material hardened through mechanical processes.

Zerk Axle: Axle equipped with Zerk fitting for lubrication.

Zinc: Material used for corrosion-resistant coatings and components.

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