Algood Product Spotlight: ProTech Wheels

ProTech: The Quietest Wheel

Algood's ProTech™ wheels have unequalled noise suppression

These wheels are so quiet you might not hear them coming. In fact, the noise suppression qualities of our ProTech™ wheel are unequalled. Featuring a treaded wheel secured to a polyolefin core, the wheels provide a smooth, cushioned ride that absorbs most shock and vibration. ProTech wheels are incredibly versatile and can be configured for just about any application.

Algood's ProTech™ wheels have unequalled noise suppression

ProTechs come in a wide range of sizes, from 2” x 7/8” to 12” x 3”, with a remarkable capacity of 1200 lbs. Whether you need a flat tread wheel or a crowned tread option to reduce push-pull and increase maneuverability, ProTech wheels can adapt to your specific needs. All configurations are available in the black-on-black combination with blue/black and grey/black available in limited sizes. Other colour pairings are available upon request.

These wheels come with a range of bearings, including precision, ball and Delrin bearings, as well as precision, nylon, stainless steel and caged roller bearings. Thread guards and side washers are also available.

Algood's ProTech™ wheels absorb most shock and vibration. 

With a soft, resilient tread, Protech wheels are non-marking and will perform brilliantly on all surfaces. They are moisture-friendly and highly resistant to most chemicals (see our chemical chart). In addition, the tread rejects most floor debris. As a result, they are virtually maintenance-free and will prolong the life of almost all equipment.

Algood's ProTech™ wheels absorb most shock and vibration. 

These wheels perform well in moist and wet environments. They are ideal for platform and large stock trucks; food service and hotel equipment; small waste bins; factory use; and textile carts. ProTech’s colours and great looks also make them a favorite for store fixtures as well as hospitality and institutional settings.

If you’re tired of hearing the clangy rattling of wheels as they destroy surfaces, you’re ready for the luxuriously quiet ride of ProTech™.

To find the Protech™ wheel that is right for your application, contact your local Algood representative or a member of our customer service team

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