Innovate: Custom Length Stems

Custom Stem Lengths

While stems are often an afterthought when creating caster specs, the right stem can make a huge difference in the performance of a caster. Not only do we make a complete range of stems including round, square, threaded, modular and metric stems, but we can also produce casters with custom stem lengths.

7003 Series: S7033-1-8X13.5HN-PH-RB-SLB

We recently completed the project you see pictured here. It’s a 7003 Series caster with a 3-1/4” X 2” phenolic wheel and a side lock brake. What makes this caster so unique is the 13-1/2” custom-length threaded stem that we were able to incorporate.

Most often, custom-length stems are used to adjust and level the overall height of equipment. Good examples are conveyors in food processing or pharmaceutical environments that need to match the height of equipment. Custom stem heights can also be necessary when equipment is being used on floors that slope or are uneven.

We regularly produce stems of all types in custom lengths and configurations.

With our in-house design and engineering team, we can help you develop the perfect specs, including stem length, to match your requirements and then produce that caster in our integrated manufacturing facility. We can help you make sure that casters are perfectly matched to your needs.

Algood is proud to manufacture its casters and wheels right here in North America. With our fully integrated manufacturing facility in Toronto, we are leaders in quality and innovation. For more information about Algood Casters, Call: 1-800-254-6633 or Email:

Insights Article: A Win for the ALK ALocking Brake

North American Win-Win

A significant benefit of being a North American Caster Manufacturer is the ability to improve product design in response to operational issues that are brought to our attention.

6500 Series: S6563-A38H-RXW-RB-TG-ALK [Zinc Finish]

Our ALK Brake mechanism is located in the lead position of the caster and is engaged by stepping on the toe of the brake. That securely and positively locks an adjustable rubber grommet to the tread of the wheel. In addition, it simultaneously locks the swivel raceway in any position.

A long-time customer reported that the ALK Brake was slipping and not always engaging. It was an issue that had never before been brought to our attention.

Our design and engineering team investigated and discovered the spring mechanism was deforming the rivet, preventing the swivel lock from locking into the teeth. After further testing and analysis, an action plan was put into place.

The brake design was modified by replacing the rivet with a heat-treated axle and securing it with a lock nut. In addition, we doubled the depth of the grooves that allow the teeth of the spring to securely and firmly engage. That creates more secure contact and prevents slippage.

After our enhancements were complete, we rigorously tested the mechanism and our customer then performed extensive testing. The brake successfully endured 5,000 on-off movements with no deformation and no other mechanical complications.

We were pleased that our customer brought the operational issue to our attention and proud to be given the opportunity to stand behind our 3-year No Excuse Warranty. In the end, this was a win-win because we resolved our customer’s concerns and the improvements will benefit all our customers.

Insights Article: Innovate ALK Brake Top View

Algood is proud to manufacture its casters and wheels right here in North America. With our fully integrated manufacturing facility in Toronto, we are leaders in quality and innovation. For more information about Algood Casters, Call: 1-800-254-6633 or Email:


High Capacity, Low Height, Turns on a Dime

This configuration combined qualities that you almost never find together in one caster – high capacity that meets an overall height restriction and ergonomics to navigate tight spaces. To accomplish that we combined our kingpinless Typhoon™ head with two 4” x 2” NyRock™ wheels. 


The caster creation features an overall height that is under 6” and a capacity of 3,500lbs. Beyond the castersmithing that stands behind the design and engineering of this caster, the best part is that it is 100% produced onshore in our fully integrated manufacturing facility just outside Toronto.

The Typhoon head is robotically welded directly to the plate making it just about indestructible. That ruggedness and durability makes it ideal for high-impact, heavy-duty or high temperature applications.

Our NyRock wheels are made from high impact compression moulded polymer and are CNC machined in our plant. They come with precision bearings, have a temperature range of -40ºF to 250ºF, and a durometer of 78-82D. NyRock wheels provide a smooth, easy and quiet ride, can be used indoors or outdoors, are non-marking, and offer outstanding floor protection.

Two wheels make this innovative caster easier turn and provide added stability, both of which are an absolute must when moving heavy loads. While this configuration was designed for an automotive application, the same caster can be used for industrial and aerospace environments.

To find out more about this creative configuration or to discuss how we can meet your unique caster requirements, contact your local Algood representative or a member of our customer service team.

Lava WOW Wheel: W-7006-LVW-1.188 [Black]

Brakes on Rigid? You Bet.

The most common pattern for four casters is two swivel casters on the rear of a piece of equipment and two rigid casters in front. When brakes are needed, they are almost always mounted on the swivel casters. But our customers told us that there are times when they need equipment to be completely locked in place. That’s what led to the development of rigid casters with brakes, one of our most popular creative caster configurations.

AG Edit - R6889-A46H-RX-RB-SLB

If you are working with cargo that is very heavy or hazardous, safety considerations will dictate that the equipment being used must be totally stationary. Imagine for example grain being poured into a waiting bin. Any small movement could result in significant loss. Likewise, when fragile or precious cargo is being transported, any unnecessary motion could be extremely costly. Locking all four casters, including the rigids, is the only solution.

Our rigid casters are available with a side locking or a top locking brake. The side locking brake is specially equipped with an actuator that makes positive contact with the wheel. The rigid yokes are notched (see photo at right) to allow the brake mechanism to fit snugly into the rig and improve performance. Both brakes are easily foot-activated.

Brakes are available on rigid casters in most of our series including a wide range of sizes and capacities. They can be produced using stainless steel and in a variety of finishes.

These casters are made in our fully integrated manufacturing facility in Toronto, many other configurations are possible along with favourable lead times and 100% dependable delivery dates.

If you’re looking for brakes on rigid casters that are easy to use and will provide outstanding security, contact your local Algood representative or contact a member of our customer service team. 


Zero Gravity

Algood’s new Zero Gravity™ caster delivers a ride so smooth and so quiet, it’s like being in space. This heavy duty shock absorbing caster comes with precision ball bearings that provide ease of rolling. Dual springs take on uneven surfaces and obstructions while preventing shock to the load. Thread guards prevent debris from gathering on the wheel bearings, help to retain lubricants and keep out contaminants.

The pre-load capacity of the Zero Gravity is 200 lbs., and the bottom-out is 1,100 lbs., with a sweet spot of 700 lbs., at 4.5″ of deflection. Featuring a corrosion resistant bright zinc finish, Zero Gravity is perfect for lift truck applications, narrow aisle reach trucks, pallet trucks, order pickers and walkie trucks.

Zero Gravity Series: SSLTW82-A38H-LVW-RB-C [Zinc]
  • Weight Capacity: 200-1,100 lbs.
  • Pre-Load Capacity:
    • 200 lbs.
    • Bottom-Out 1,100 lbs.
    • 700 lbs. at 4.5″ of Deflection
  • Applications:
    • Lift Trucks
    • Narrow Aisle Reach
    • Trucks Pallet Trucks
    • Order Pickers
      • Walkie Trucks
  • Corrosion Resistant Bright Zinc Finish

Zero Gravity™ is part of Algood’s innovative product line and can be customized – including spring deflection, wheel type/size and capacity of up to 65,000 lbs – to meet particular requirements. With internal engineering and design departments in a fully integrated manufacturing facility, Algood develops customer focused caster solutions that meet specifications, timelines and budgets.


316 Stainless to the Rescue

As good as 304 stainless steel is, sometimes it can’t do the job. For example, demand is increasing for casters that can withstand intense cleaning procedures. Similarly, IT production facilities now require an environment that is completely free of any contaminants. In many of these cases, the ideal solution is 316 stainless steel. That’s why we have added that option to a number of casters. By introducing 316 Stainless into our caster configurations, we are responding to the needs of customers and demonstrating our agility as a manufacturer.

What’s different about 316 Stainless?
316 stainless is a mixture of steel and a minimum of 10.5% chromium. It’s the chromium that keeps the steel from oxidizing, rusting, and corroding. 304 stainless steel contains 18% chromium and 8% nickel.

Stainless 316 is made up of 16% chromium, 10% nickel and 2% molybdenum. There’s a little more nickel and a little less chromium than in 304. However, the big difference is the molybdenum, a chemical element used for the strengthening and hardening of steel. The higher molybdenum content greatly increases the corrosion resistance of 316.


Casters in 316 Stainless Steel
You can have our MAXX9™ or 7009 Series casters produced using 316 stainless steel. With a capacity of 1,250 lbs., these casters are ideal for a wide range of applications. 316 Stainless offers superior resistance to chlorides and acids. This makes 316 an ideal upgrade for environments with strict hygiene and cleanliness standards, like hospitals and healthcare settings.

Applications for 316 Stainless
316 stainless steel is ideal for pharmaceutical and medical applications. Since sterilization processes in these industries combine both strong disinfectants with high temperatures to prevent contamination, a resistant alloy like 316 is ideal.

Other Applications of 316 Stainless Steel Include:

  • Chemical processing and storage equipment.
  • Refinery equipment
  • Medical devices
  • Marine environments, especially those with chlorides present
  • Medical equipment and implants
  • Foodservice, processing, and preparation environments
  • Coastal environments
  • Areas with high salt levels (such as roadways)
  • Brewing facilities
  • Environments with increased exposure to alkalis and acids 

Is 316 Stainless right for you?
To discuss whether 316 stainless steel is the best solution for your requirements, speak to your local Algood representative or a member of our customer service team.

1 (800) 254-6633

Algood Casters has manufactured, designed and developed industrial and specialty casters, brakes and wheels since 1969, in capacities from 25 to 65,000 lbs.