Algood Blog: Wheels Revealed: Lights, Cameras, Casters

Lights, Cameras, and Casters

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Everyone has their favourite scene from a movie and many of them likely involve some kind of movement – whether the camera follows a person or a car or something else. But here’s something you may not know. Some of the best movie scenes ever filmed would not have been possible without casters.

Algood Blog: Wheels Revealed: Robots, Wheels, Casters

Robots Rolling Into The Future

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Robotics seems to be at the forefront of every field these days – medicine, education and manufacturing to name a few. Even house cleaning is being reinvented by floor-cleaning robots. Despite the many applications, shapes and sizes, what almost all robots – even the famous R2-D2 – have in common is that they have to move. And that requires wheels and casters.

Algood Blog: Wheels Revealed: We're Not Clucking Around

We’re Not Clucking Around

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As we continue our quest to find unusual and little-known caster applications, we have arrived at chickens. Yes, chickens. When you think of a chicken farm or chicken eggs being hatched, you might conjure up a quaint image of hens clucking cheerfully in a coup as they sit on their eggs, waiting patiently for chicks to hatch.

Algood Blog: Wheels Revealed: Introduction

Introducing Wheels Revealed

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The truth is that casters are one of those products that are absolutely everywhere – and absolutely essential – but are seemingly invisible. So, we thought it would be interesting – and fun – to create a series of e-newsletters that detail some of the more unusual, unoticed and unheard-of uses for casters.

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