Ductile Iron Wheels

Ductile Iron Wheel: W-9108-DI-TB-.75 [Red]

Ductile iron wheels are perfectly positioned between Cast Iron and Forged Steel Wheels, combining the best features of both for exceptional performance.

Ductile iron is a modern alloy developed in the mid-20th century. It is made by adding a small amount of magnesium to molten iron, which causes the graphite to form in nodules rather than flakes. This gives the material its characteristic ability to bend without breaking.

One of the main advantages of ductile iron is its ductility or pliability, which makes it less brittle and more resistant to cracking under stress. Ductile iron is also more corrosion-resistant than cast iron, making it a better choice for outdoor applications.

Crowned Ductile Iron Wheel: W-9108-DIC-TB-.75 [Red]

Our ductile iron wheels are formed using a casting process and boast a maximum capacity of 15,000 lbs. Ductile iron gives these wheels durability, high strength, flexibility, wear resistance, and impact and fatigue resistance. They produce very little traction on floor surfaces, making them easier to push and pull. The trade-off to the incredible strength of Ductile Iron Wheel is that they can be noisy, prone to vibration, and may damage floor surfaces.

Our ductile steel wheels are painted red and have extra-thick treads, hubs, and walls. They come in diameters from 5″ to 12″ with tread widths of both 2″ and 3″. Wheels are available with a crowned tread, and both roller and tapered bearings are options. While ductile iron wheels are more expensive than steel wheels, they offer a cost-effective alternative to forged steel wheels.

Ductile iron wheels are excellent for high-capacity applications and, with a temperature range of -45º to 180º F, can be used in harsh weather conditions. They are excellent for many industries, including aerospace, automotive, construction, and agriculture. Their abrasion-resistant properties are also excellent in harsh environments, and these wheels offer a long service life.

If you’re looking for wheels with properties and pricing that are between Steel Wheels and Forged Steel Wheels, talk to your local Algood representative or a member of our customer service team about our Ductile Steel Wheels.

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