316 Stainless to the Rescue


As good as 304 stainless steel is, sometimes it can’t do the job. For example, demand is increasing for casters that can withstand intense cleaning procedures. Similarly, IT production facilities now require an environment that is completely free of any contaminants. In many of these cases, the ideal solution is 316 stainless steel. That’s why we have added that option to a number of casters. By introducing 316 Stainless into our caster configurations, we are responding to the needs of customers and demonstrating our agility as a manufacturer.

What’s different about 316 Stainless?
316 stainless is a mixture of steel and a minimum of 10.5% chromium. It’s the chromium that keeps the steel from oxidizing, rusting, and corroding. 304 stainless steel contains 18% chromium and 8% nickel.

Stainless 316 is made up of 16% chromium, 10% nickel and 2% molybdenum. There’s a little more nickel and a little less chromium than in 304. However, the big difference is the molybdenum, a chemical element used for the strengthening and hardening of steel. The higher molybdenum content greatly increases the corrosion resistance of 316.


Casters in 316 Stainless Steel
You can have our MAXX9™ or 7009 Series casters produced using 316 stainless steel. With a capacity of 1,250 lbs., these casters are ideal for a wide range of applications. 316 Stainless offers superior resistance to chlorides and acids. This makes 316 an ideal upgrade for environments with strict hygiene and cleanliness standards, like hospitals and healthcare settings.

Applications for 316 Stainless
316 stainless steel is ideal for pharmaceutical and medical applications. Since sterilization processes in these industries combine both strong disinfectants with high temperatures to prevent contamination, a resistant alloy like 316 is ideal.

Other Applications of 316 Stainless Steel Include:

  • Chemical processing and storage equipment.
  • Refinery equipment
  • Medical devices
  • Marine environments, especially those with chlorides present
  • Medical equipment and implants
  • Foodservice, processing, and preparation environments
  • Coastal environments
  • Areas with high salt levels (such as roadways)
  • Brewing facilities
  • Environments with increased exposure to alkalis and acids 

Is 316 Stainless right for you?
To discuss whether 316 stainless steel is the best solution for your requirements, speak to your local Algood representative or a member of our customer service team.

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