Insights Article: A Win for the ALK ALocking Brake

North American Win-Win


A significant benefit of being a North American Caster Manufacturer is the ability to improve product design in response to operational issues that are brought to our attention.

6500 Series: S6563-A38H-RXW-RB-TG-ALK [Zinc Finish]

Our ALK Brake mechanism is located in the lead position of the caster and is engaged by stepping on the toe of the brake. That securely and positively locks an adjustable rubber grommet to the tread of the wheel. In addition, it simultaneously locks the swivel raceway in any position.

A long-time customer reported that the ALK Brake was slipping and not always engaging. It was an issue that had never before been brought to our attention.

Our design and engineering team investigated and discovered the spring mechanism was deforming the rivet, preventing the swivel lock from locking into the teeth. After further testing and analysis, an action plan was put into place.

The brake design was modified by replacing the rivet with a heat-treated axle and securing it with a lock nut. In addition, we doubled the depth of the grooves that allow the teeth of the spring to securely and firmly engage. That creates more secure contact and prevents slippage.

After our enhancements were complete, we rigorously tested the mechanism and our customer then performed extensive testing. The brake successfully endured 5,000 on-off movements with no deformation and no other mechanical complications.

We were pleased that our customer brought the operational issue to our attention and proud to be given the opportunity to stand behind our 3-year No Excuse Warranty. In the end, this was a win-win because we resolved our customer’s concerns and the improvements will benefit all our customers.

Insights Article: Innovate ALK Brake Top View

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