Brakes on Rigid? You Bet.


The most common pattern for four casters is two swivel casters on the rear of a piece of equipment and two rigid casters in front. When brakes are needed, they are almost always mounted on the swivel casters. But our customers told us that there are times when they need equipment to be completely locked in place. That’s what led to the development of rigid casters with brakes, one of our most popular creative caster configurations.

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If you are working with cargo that is very heavy or hazardous, safety considerations will dictate that the equipment being used must be totally stationary. Imagine for example grain being poured into a waiting bin. Any small movement could result in significant loss. Likewise, when fragile or precious cargo is being transported, any unnecessary motion could be extremely costly. Locking all four casters, including the rigids, is the only solution.

Our rigid casters are available with a side locking or a top locking brake. The side locking brake is specially equipped with an actuator that makes positive contact with the wheel. The rigid yokes are notched (see photo at right) to allow the brake mechanism to fit snugly into the rig and improve performance. Both brakes are easily foot-activated.

Brakes are available on rigid casters in most of our series including a wide range of sizes and capacities. They can be produced using stainless steel and in a variety of finishes.

These casters are made in our fully integrated manufacturing facility in Toronto, many other configurations are possible along with favourable lead times and 100% dependable delivery dates.

If you’re looking for brakes on rigid casters that are easy to use and will provide outstanding security, contact your local Algood representative or contact a member of our customer service team. 

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