Product Spotlight: MIGHTY MAXX

Low Profile. High Capacity.


Our Mighty Maxx™ caster packs a punch while keeping a very low profile. It combines impressively low overall height of 3 5/8” with an equally impressive 1,750 lbs. of capacity.


The Mighty Maxx™ has been engineered for maximum strength. It is manufactured using a work-hardened proprietary steel composition that adds both durability and longevity. A stabilizer added to the front of the yoke strengthens the caster, creating front-to-rear load balance and preventing the caster from failing when subjected to shock loads. In addition, the caster comes with a rollover emboss top plate that features a deep draw curl to add capacity and prevent bending. Even better, the plate is fastened with an M8 nut for quick assembly.

Mighty Maxx comes with dual 2-3/8” x 1-3/8” RollX™ wheels equipped with roller bearings. Made from a proprietary thermoplastic nylon glass fill material, RollX wheels require minimum effort to roll with heavy loads. They withstand hard impacts, are non-marking, do not absorb water and are resistant to most chemicals, solvents, gases, acids and steam cleaning.

Two wheels keeps a low profile and adds capacity and make the caster easier to maneuver. When turning, one wheel pivots, making it almost effortless to navigate curves and corners.

The Mighty Maxx is finished using corrosion resistant zinc with a yoke and raceway that are heat treated. It is available with a thumb screw brake (TSB) and you can order matching rigid casters.

Produced right here in our manufacturing facility just outside Toronto, this caster is a model of North American design and ingenuity. It’s available with reasonable lead times, dependable delivery dates and is backed by our 3-year No-Excuse Warranty.

It’s perfect for low profile, heavy duty professional equipment, business machines, industrial automatic dispensers, food/drink dispensing machines, appliances as well as freezer and refrigerator showcases.

If you have an application that needs maximum strength but minimum height, you should be looking at Mighty Maxx™. Find out more from your local Algood representative or a member of our customer service team.

Algood is proud to manufacture its casters and wheels right here in North America. With our fully integrated manufacturing facility in Toronto, we are leaders in quality and innovation. For more information about Algood Casters, Call: 1-800-254-6633 or Email:

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