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Proprietary nylon material for high load capacities enables effortless rolling, chemical resistance, exceptional durability and heat resistance in every Lava™ Wheel.

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Leading the industry in high-temperature wheels, Lava™ Wheels can endure over 500ºF without any degradation. Lava™ Wheels use an exclusively developed high-temp nylon glass filled material, engineered and tested right here at Algood.

With a durometer of 85D, Lava™ Wheels are almost as hard as steel yet as light as a feather, weighing in at as little as 5 oz. That combination makes Lava™ an ergonomic, easy-rolling sensation that resists hard impacts and requires minimum effort to roll and swivel with heavy loads. The Lava™ Wheels capacity goes as high as 3,500 lbs.

Lava™ Wheels will not absorb water and are resistant to most chemicals, solvents, gases, acids, and steam cleaning. With debris rejecting tread, Lava™ wheels won’t flake, chip or crack. That, combined with its one-piece construction, makes these high-temperature wheels maintenance-free and increases the longevity of equipment. In addition, they are non-marking and will protect surfaces.

Options/Components: Available in clear, blue, black, green, orange, purple, pink and red. Custom colours are available with qualifying orders

Ideal Applications: All High-Temperature Applications, Auto-Claves, Bakeries, Paint Stations, Wash-Down Environments & Abusive Environments.

Made of Recyclable MaterialsMade in North America

Additional information

Wheel Diameter
Temperature -45°F to 475°F, 525°F (Intermittently)
Durometer 85 (+/-5) D Scale
Bearings Ball Bearing, Caged Roller Bearing, Plain, Precision Bearing, Roller Bearing, Stainless Steel Roller Bearing, Tapered Bearing
Colours Black
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High Temperature Lava Wheels Specifications & Part Numbers

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