The Next Generation of CasterSmiths

Celebrating Family Values & Our Next Generation


For years, we have been describing ourselves as the “Next Generation of Castersmiths.” While that refers to how we combine expert craftsmanship with the most advanced technology, it’s taken on a new and much more exciting meaning recently.

With Family Day this coming Monday and Algood’s 55th anniversary the day before, we thought it was the perfect time to introduce Elie Guttmann to the Algood community. Following in the footsteps of his father Craig Guttmann, Algood’s President and his grandfather Max Guttmann, Algood’s Founder, Elie is now literally the next generation of castersmiths.

Elie’s journey from a successful career in non-profit marketing to the world of caster and wheel production was fueled by a desire for new challenges and a shift from a digital to a tactile work environment. “Selling products that are physically built is a gratifying experience,” says Elie, emphasizing his newfound appreciation for the manufacturing sector’s role in the economy.

Currently supporting the U.S. sales effort, Elie is immersing himself in the intricacies of Algood’s product line, aiming to understand every caster, wheel, component, and configuration. His grandfather’s determination and success are an ongoing source of pride and inspiration. He has dedicated himself to following in his grandfather’s footsteps with aspirations of eventually contributing to Algood’s leadership team.

Elie’s focus on marketing-centered projects has been evident, particularly in the redesign of Algood’s website. With a keen eye for detail, he invested countless hours conceptualizing, developing, and implementing the new design, now channelling his efforts into optimizing the website’s performance as a marketing tool.

Craig sees this generational collaboration as invigorating. He appreciates Elie’s fresh ideas and unique perspectives, especially noting his contributions to the catalogue and website. “We are a unique manufacturer and needed just the right website to tell our story, and Elie nailed it,” says Craig, emphasizing the importance of innovative marketing in showcasing Algood’s uniqueness.

Craig acknowledges that certain aspects of the business can only be learned through experience. “There are things you can’t possibly learn at school—assessing ROI, how and when to take risks and how to practically understand engineering all have to be learned by making mistakes,” he asserts.

A large part of what sets Algood apart is the values that come from being a family-owned enterprise. “We still hold close to my father’s values in how we operate this company,” Craig relates. “That makes having a third generation working in the company even more meaningful.”

This represents a promising new chapter for Algood. Elie is helping to fuel our growth through fresh perspectives and well-honed skills. Craig and his brother Sean, VP of Manufacturing, see the renewed energy that Elie’s innovative ideas, optimism, and excitement are infusing into the company. And, they are confident that Elie will uphold the cherished family values that have propelled Algood’s triumphs for over five decades. In the months and years ahead, we are certain you will hear much more about Elie’s contributions to Algood’s success as our dynamic “next generation of castersmiths.”

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