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Choosing Your Threads


Configurating Threaded Stem Casters

Threaded stems are the best solution when casters are being mounted to tubing or a unit with legs. That’s the easy part. Choosing the best stem-caster configuration can be complicated and involves a number of considerations. In this issue of CasterU, we present and explain your threaded stem options.

5000 Series: S5053-.5-13X1HO-PROF-PB-TG [Zinc Finish]

Threaded Stem as Kingpin

In this configuration the caster kingpin is a threaded stem. It’s simpler because the stem/kingpin is integrated into the construction of the caster. There is no additional assembly required in the manufacturing process. This configuration is the most economical but is also the weakest option because the caster is more vulnerable to a variety of forces.

Threaded Stem as Kingpin

This design has the stem inserted through a Bolt Hole caster. The stem is fastened with a nut and tack-welded to keep it from spinning. The advantage to this configuration is that the stem absorbs force separate from the caster. The stem can break while leaving the caster intact. This is more reliable and offers greater longevity. Not surprisingly, it comes with a higher price point.

2100 Series: S2105-.5HOLE-PROFB-PB-TG [Zinc Finish]

Threaded Stem & Kingpin Free Caster

Similar to the arrangement above, a threaded stem can be inserted into a Kingpinless caster, fastened with a nut and tack-welded. This configuration combines the added capacity of the kinpinfree caster with the reliability of an inserted stem. It is very stable and very reliable, creating a long-lasting durable caster.

While the decision-making may be complex, the good news is that you have lots of options in choosing threaded stems. Even better, we can help. To find out which stem configuration is right for your application, contact your local Algood representative or call our customer service team.

Important Note

To maintain capacity ratings, casters with threaded stems must be fastened properly to the equipment on which they are being used. If not mounted correctly, the capacity of casters with threaded stems can be reduced by as much as 25%. We strongly encourage designers, engineers and users to consult with us to help determine the optimal way to fasten casters with threaded stems.

For help choosing the caster that best meets your needs, contact your Algood Sales Rep or reach out to our customer service team by email or by phone at +1 (800) 254-6633.

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