Keeping a Low Profile

Keeping a Low Profile


Low Profile Casters

There are two situation that call specifically for Low Profile Casters:

  • Overall height is critical. This relates to equipment or fixtures that have to fit in a fixed amount of vertical space. Refrigerated showcases are a good example.
  • Casters need to be functional but not visible. This is true of many store fixtures and office furniture.

By definition, a low profile caster is 3” or less in overall height – from the bottom of the wheel to the top of the top plate or raceway. The smaller height has the potential to reduce the capacity of the caster. There are many ways to compensate for that and increase capacity to as much as 2,000 lbs. They include:

  • Using a Twin Wheel Configuration
  • Using a Wider Wheel – Up to 3” – to increase the load-bearing surface
  • Reducing the Lead Offset (distance from the centre of the wheel to the stem/kingpin) of the caster
  • Using wheels (like our RollX™) that provide greater capacity, without adding weight or reducing rollability

Maneuverability is also a factor on low profile casters. Often times store fixtures or office equipment need to be easily moved from place to place. The ergonomics of the low profile caster can be enhanced by a double ball bearing raceway construction or a range of wheel bearings to improve movement. There are also a number of brakes available for these casters, including the thumb screw brake.

Mighty Maxx Series: S65253-B29F-RXW2-RB [Zinc Finish]
8000 Series: 8022-A27D-PROF [Zinc Finish]
5400 Series: S5433-A38F-RX-RB-iLK [Zinc Finish]

In applications where the caster is part of the overall aesthetic, a wide range of finishes is available. Low profile casters are also available in stainless steel for clean environments such as pharmaceuticals, food processing and technology.

The low profile caster is a great choice for office furniture, high-tech server cabinets, vending machines, medical equipment, theatre props, airport displays, retail fixtures, business machines, freezer and refrigerator showcases, industrial automatic dispensers, food/drink dispensing machines and appliances.

For help choosing the caster that best meets your needs, contact your Algood Sales Rep or reach out to our customer service team by email or by phone at +1 (800) 254-6633.

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