Algood Product Spotlight: Stainless Steel MAXX9 Caster Series

A Stainless Steel Champion


Our Maxx9™ casters offer the best of both worlds. Featuring our proprietary one-piece, no-weld construction and sleek-looking stainless steel, they provide durability and resistance to chemicals, moisture, and corrosives. With a head-turning, super-attractive design, the Maxx9 is truly a champion.

The Maxx9 exemplifies superior North American engineering and production. Crafted meticulously from work-hardened, electropolished, and de-magnetized SAE 304 stainless steel, these casters ensure the highest level of quality and reliability. Every component, including raceway balls, top plates, bearings, bushings, and side washers, is made of stainless steel. The Maxx9 can also be manufactured upon request using 316 stainless steel.

The one-piece, no-weld construction, paired with a ¾” heavy-duty steel kingpin, makes the Maxx9 virtually indestructible and maintenance-free. You can rely on the Maxx9 to perform consistently, even in the most demanding environments. Its double raceway construction ensures outstanding maneuverability, and its capacity of up to 1,200 lbs. makes it versatile for various applications.

NSF Approved

NSF certification makes Maxx9 casters perfect for all clean environments, including hospitals, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, food processing, and technology. They are also ideal for washdowns, paint claves, and outdoor applications.

The Maxx 9’s incredible utility and exceptional aesthetics are enhanced by the available iLock brakes—our unique multidirectional and/or wheel lock brake. With a sleek, user-friendly design and made from our proprietary thermoplastic nylon material, these brakes are practical, lightweight, and long-lasting.

Our Maxx9 casters are produced in our fully integrated manufacturing facility in Toronto. That enables us to provide outstanding lead times, delivery dates you can depend on and trusted North American quality backed by our 3-Year No Excuse Warranty.

Find out more about how this stainless-steel champion can be in your corner. Contact your local Algood representative or a member of our customer service team.

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