Outstanding low-profile stainless steel

809 Series: S0839-A17D-U-iLKW-AN

Our 809 Series is the most outstanding low-profile stainless-steel caster on the market. It’s versatile and beautifully designed, but above all, it’s incredibly durable. With an overall height under 3”, the 809 Series delivers stainless steel’s strength and protective qualities for applications where overall height is critical.  

These casters are manufactured using SAE 304 stainless steel, demagnetized, and de-burred with a beautiful electro-polished finish. The 809 can be equipped with our iLock™ wheel brake, featuring an extra wide 1-1/2” front locking pedal with an engineered lip for easy engagement. The brake teeth are uniquely designed to securely lock both hard and soft wheels.

The 809 Series is made in our fully integrated manufacturing facility in Toronto. That means you get reasonable lead times, dependable delivery dates, and North American quality backed by our 3-year No-Excuse warranty.

0809 Series: S0839-A17D-U-AN [304 Stainless Steel]

With rigid and swivel options, the 809 series can be used with a variety of wheels including the Protech™ and Envirothane™. Available in 2” and 3” diameters, with 9/16” and 7/8” wheel treads, its capacity is 125 lbs. It is also incredibly light, weighing in at under half a pound. The 809 comes with a variety of stems and a standard top plate. Other plates are available as an option.

Moisture-friendly and chemical resistant, 809s are ideal for clean environments like hospitals and healthcare facilities; food processing and production plants; as well as pharmaceutical and high-tech settings. They can withstand rigorous wash-ups and be used outdoors.

For a truly remarkable, lightweight, low-profile stainless steel caster that is readily available, contact your local Algood representative or a member of our customer service team.

Algood is proud to manufacture its casters and wheels right here in North America. With our fully integrated manufacturing facility in Toronto, we are leaders in quality and innovation. For more information about Algood Casters, Call: 1-800-254-6633 or Email: Service@Algood.com

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