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Excellent floor protection, chemical resistance, smooth roll-ability, and stylish. ICE Wheel’s are non-marking polyurethane bonded to polyolefin core.

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Algood’s ICE™ Wheels represent the pinnacle of wheel craftsmanship, elevating the visual appeal of any equipment or environment where aesthetics play a pivotal role. With a palette of eight striking standard colors and the flexibility to tailor custom-matched hues, these wheels offer unparalleled visual design.

Crafted through a meticulous process, ICE™ Wheels feature a poured urethane construction, precision-engineered to form an inseparable bond with a polyolefin core. This fusion of materials ensures not only visual brilliance, but also unwavering durability.

In the realm of performance, ICE™ Wheels are second to none. Their exceptional rollability guarantees effortless movement, while their unrivaled floor protection capabilities shield surfaces from wear and tear. Even when subjected to substantial standing loads, these wheels refuse to flat spot, maintaining their pristine performance over time.

ICE™ Wheels are the epitome of versatility. Their non-marking nature makes them a suitable choice for a wide array of surfaces, from hardwood floors to industrial concrete. They exhibit exceptional resistance to a myriad of chemicals, ensuring their integrity even in challenging environments. Designed for longevity, these wheels deliver consistent reliability, reducing the need for frequent replacements and associated downtime.

Choose ICE™ Wheels, where form meets function in perfect harmony, and elevate your equipment’s aesthetic appeal while enjoying quality performance and longevity.

Custom Colour Options are Available with Qualifying Orders

Options/Components: Available in Clear, Blue, Black, Green, Orange, Purple, Pink & Red.

Ideal Applications: Display Racks,Showrooms, Store Fixtures & Design Oriented Fixtures.

Additional information

Wheel Diameter
Durometer 55 (+/-5) D Scale
Temperature -45°F to 180°F
Bearings Precision Bearing
Colours ICE Black, ICE Blue, ICE Clear, ICE Green, ICE Orange, ICE Pink, ICE Purple, ICE Red

ICE Wheels Specifications & Part Numbers

1 (800) 254-6633

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