Hard Rubber Wheels

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Hard Rubber Wheels offer superior floor protection and easy mobility. They are durable in harsh environments and are designed to be chip resistant.

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Hard Rubber Wheels offer superior floor protection and increased mobility, making them a prime choice for industrial and commercial applications. Crafted from high-quality materials, these wheels roll smoothly without causing damage to delicate surfaces, ensuring your equipment and flooring remain in pristine condition. Their effortless glide reduces the effort required to move heavy loads, enhancing productivity and reducing strain on your workforce.

In addition to their mobility and floor protection capabilities, Hard Rubber Wheels excel in noise reduction, making them ideal for noise-sensitive environments like hospitals, libraries, and manufacturing facilities. These wheels are designed to withstand abusive and harsh industrial settings, with a chip-resistant construction that prolongs their lifespan and maintains their appearance.

Unlike Soft Rubber alternatives, Hard Rubber Wheels maintain their shape and resist flat spots under heavy loads, guaranteeing consistent performance over time. Their impressive resistance to substances such as oil, grease, and mild acids reduces maintenance requirements and ensures long-lasting durability. Overall, Hard Rubber Wheels are a top-tier choice for those seeking a versatile solution that combines durability, floor protection, ease of mobility, and noise reduction for a wide range of applications. Upgrade your workplace with these exceptional wheels today.

Ideal Applications: Abusive Applications, Factory Use, Small Waste Bins & Textile Carts.

Additional information

Wheel Diameter
Durometer 75 (+/-5) D Scale
Temperature -45°F to 160°F
Bearings Nylon Bearing, Steel Bearing
Colours Black, Grey

Hard Rubber Wheels Specifications & Part Numbers

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