Envirothane™ Wheels

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Moisture-friendly, high load capacity, non-corrosive. Protects floors, absorbs shock, minimal maintenance. The ultimate choice for heavy-duty applications.

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Envirothane™ is incredibly versatile and holds outstanding capacities. Excelling indoors/outdoors, protects floors, suits any application, and needs no maintenance.

There is almost nothing that our Envirothane™ Wheel cannot do. It has outstanding capacity, can be used indoors and outdoors, offers remarkable floor protection, is suitable for just about any application and is maintenance-free.

Envirothane™ Wheels are injection moulded with a one-piece construction that eliminates core separation. They are non-marking with a quiet ride that absorbs shock and vibration. A durometer of 65D allows for memory retention that prevents flat spotting. In addition, the crowned tread increases manoeuvrability. Moisture-friendly and chemical-resistant, these wheels are NSF Approved and pair perfectly with stainless steel casters. They are maintenance-free, long-lasting, and increase the longevity of equipment. Finally, they are made from material that is 100% recyclable making it an environmentally responsible choice.

Options/Components: Available in ribbed and ribless design with a full range of bearing choices. Standard available colours are black and grey but can be made in a full range of colours with qualifying orders.

Ideal Applications: Harsh & Abrasive Conditions, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Food Production, Hospitality & High-Tech Environments, Heavy Material Handling, Factory Settings & Towline Applications.

For heavy-duty applications, use the Envirothane™ HD with a capacity of 3,600 lbs.

Made of Recyclable MaterialsMade in North America

Additional information

Wheel Diameter
Durometer 60 (+/-5) D Scale
Temperature -45°F to 230°F
Bearings Ball Bearing, Caged Roller Bearing, Delrin Bearing, Nylon Bearing, Nylon Roller Bearing, Plain, Precision Ball Bearing, Roller Bearing, Stainless Steel Ball Bearing, Stainless Steel Precision Bearing, Stainless Steel Roller Bearing
Colours Black, Blue, Caution Yellow, Green, Grey, Red
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Envirothane Wheels Specifications & Part Numbers

1 (800) 254-6633

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