Moldon Aluminum Urethane Wheels

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Featuring a urethane tread secured to an aluminium core, our Moldon Aluminum Urethane Wheels provide maximum floor protection while carrying heavy loads.

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These wheels feature a urethane tread secured to an aluminum core. Moldon Aluminum Urethane wheels are non-marking and provide maximum floor protection while carrying heavy loads.

This wheel absorbs shock and vibration, allowing for an easy, smooth, cushioned quiet ride. That results in excellent floor protection and prolonged equipment life. The tread is resistant to most chemicals while the core is resistant to rust, making these wheels maintenance free

Options/Components: Available with a wide assortment of bearings

Ideal Applications: Abusive Applications, Hotel Equipment & Food Service, Factory Use, Textile Carts, Large Stock Trucks & Platform Trucks.

Additional information

Wheel Diameter
Durometer 92.5 (+/-2.5) A Scale
Temperature -45°F to 180°F
Bearings Ball Bearing, Bronze Bearing, Caged Roller Bearing, Delrin Bearing, Nylon Bearing, Plain, Roller Bearing, Stainless Steel Nylon Roller Bearing, Stainless Steel Roller Bearing
Colours Aluminum Core with Red Tread
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Moldon Aluminum Urethane Wheels Specifications & Part Numbers

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