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Solid Steel wheels are the perfect choice for industrial applications. With unyielding strength of 7,500 lbs, superior load capacity, and exceptional durability.

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Forged steel is an alloy of carbon and iron that is compressed under extreme pressure to make a very hard and strong substance. In the forging process heat or force is applied to steel billets or ingots, causing the material to change shape while in a solid state. The resulting highly compressed material is exceptionally durable.

Forged steel is not porous, has a tensile strength of 60,000 PSI and adapts extremely well to surface variations. All of that means these wheels are virtually failure-free. These wheels are extremely hard with a durometer of Rockwell B (80 – 90). That, along with their impressive strength-to-weight ratio, leads to reduced surface friction and allows for easier push/pull.

With a temperature rating that tops out at 1,300ºF, they can be used in bakeries, autoclaves and other extreme heat environments.

Options/Components: Forged steel wheels come with a variety of bearing options for optimal performance at different applications.

Ideal Applications: Autoclaves, Bakeries, Factory Use, Platform Trucks, Stock Trucks, Waste Bins, & Heavy Material Handling.

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Bearings Ball Bearing, Caged Roller Bearing, Delrin Bearing, Nylon Bearing, Plain, Roller Bearing, Stainless Steel Nylon Roller Bearing, Stainless Steel Roller Bearing, Tapered Bearing
Colours Steel Grey
Durometer 85 (+/- 5) Rockwell B
Temperature -45°F to 180°F, -45°F to 800°F
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Solid Steel Wheels Specifications & Part Numbers

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