0809 Series

Versatile, durable, and beautifully designed, the 0809 Series is the most outstanding low-profile stainless steel caster on the market.

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The 0809 Series can be equipped with our re-designed iLock™ wheel brake featuring an extra wide 1-1/2” front locking pedal that includes an engineered lip for easy engagement. The brake teeth are uniquely designed to securely lock both hard and soft wheels. A variety of stems is available and a custom plate is an option.

These casters are manufactured using SAE 304 stainless steel, demagnetized with beautifully finished electro polish. Moisture-friendly and chemical resistant, they can withstand rigorous wash-ups and be used outdoors. With an overall height of under 3”, these casters are perfect for low-profile applications. They also weigh in at under half a pound, which increases manoeuvrability and decreases shipping costs.

Options/Components: A selection of specialty stems and plates are available in stainless steel.

Ideal Applications: Clean Environments: Hospitals, Pharmaceutical, High-Tech & Healthcare Facilities; Food Processing & Production Plants.

Made in North America

Additional information

Wheel Diameter
Wheel Type Envirothane™, Polyolefin, Protech™ Flat
Leg Spacing
Axle & Nut
Stems ,
Plates A17D
Options ,
Threaded Stems – HEX Washer
*** Diameter Length Type
1/2-13X1HW 1/2" 1" NC
Round Stems
*** Diameter Length Type
437X1 7/8 7/16" 1 7/8" Plain
437SX1 7/16" 1" Friction Ring
437SX1 5/16 7/16" 1 5/16" Friction Ring
437SX1 7/8 7/16" 1 7/8" Friction Ring

0809 Series Specifications & Part Numbers

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