6809 Series

With 1,500 lbs of brute strength and its stainless-steel construction, the 6809 Series is a true feat of engineering that can take on just about any demanding application.

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The 6809 Series was built to perform. It features legs that are 2-1/2” wide – 1/2” wider than many other casters. That provides more contact with the washer and therefore more strength. This caster is stamped and then work hardened – adding to its durability. Finally, the 3/4” kingpin makes it incredibly sturdy.

Made from work-hardened, electro-polished, de-magnetized and de-burred SAE 304 stainless steel, the 6809 Series is a complete stainless steel caster including the axle, bearings and raceway balls.

With its brute strength and awesome versatility, the 6809 Series is a must-have for just about any heavy-duty application.

The 6809 Series is also NSF certified, confirming that it meets public health and safety standards as well as rigorous quality requirements for materials and products.

Options/Components: The 6809 Series can be produced with a wide range of brakes, stems, bearings and plates – all available in stainless steel.

Ideal Applications: Healthcare, pharmaceutical, food processing and other bacteria-free or clean environments.

NSF Component CertifiedMade in North America

Additional information

Wheel Diameter
Wheel Type ALThane™, Balloon Cushion, Envirothane™, Envirothane™ Crowned, High Tempurature Phenolic, Lava™, Moldon Alum. Rubber, Moldon Alum. Urethane, Moldon Poly. Urethane, Nyroll™, Polyolefin, Protech™ Crowned, Protech™ Flat, Purthane™, Retort™, RollX™
Bearings Ball Bearing, Bronze Bearing, Delrin Bearing, Precision Ball Bearing, Stainless Steel Ball Bearing, Stainless Steel Precision Ball Bearing, Stainless Steel Roller Bearing
Leg Spacing
Axle & Nut
Stems , ,
Plates A45H, A46H, A50H, A52H, A55H
Brakes , , , ,
Options , , , ,
Threaded Stems
*** Diameter Length Type
1/2-13X4HO 1/2" 4" NC
5/8-11X4 5/8" 4" NC
3/4-10X4 3/4" 4" NC
7/8-9X4 7/8" 4" NC
1-8X4 1" 4" NC
Round Stems
*** Diameter Length Type
500 X 4 1/2" 4" Plain
625 X 4 5/8" 4" Plain
750 X 4 3/4" 4" Plain
875 X 4 7/8" 4" Plain
1.000 X 4 1" 4" Plain
1.375 X 4 1 3/8" 4" Plain
Metric Stems
*** Diameter Thread Size Length
M12-1.75X4 12mm 1.75 4"
M14-2X4 14mm 2.0 4"
M16-2X4 16mm 2.0 4"
M18-2.5X4 18mm 2.5 4"
M20-2.5X4 20mm 2.5 4"
M22-2.5X4 22mm 2.5 4"
M24-3X4 24mm 3.0 4"
M27-3X4 27mm 3.0 4"

6809 Series Specifications & Part Numbers

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