Cyclone™ Series

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Cyclone™ Casters are heavyweight capacity champions. Borrowing the TwinTrack™ double raceway head its increased capacity, stability and durability.

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The Cyclone™ Series is available in diameters up to 16” and 18” diameters with tread widths of 4” and 5”. It is double-fillet welded and comes with a standard corrosion-resistant black finish. Other colours, including the yellow chromate in the photo to the right, are available as a special order. Spring-loaded and dual wheel configurations make the Cyclone a versatile choice.

The TwinTrack™ head features a 6” raceway with 3/4” diameter steel balls on top of a 3-13/16″ raceway with 1/2” diameter balls.

The top raceway absorbs the direct downward thrust while the bottom raceway absorbs the horizontal thrust. Together the two raceways act like a tapered bearing allowing more lateral movement and taking harsher loads.

Options/Components: The Cyclone is available with a range of brakes including the thumb screw, universal wheel, PolyCam and 4PSL brake. It also comes with a number of wheel choices including our NyRock™

Ideal Applications: Aircraft Engine Cradles, Die & Tooling Fixtures, Ground Support, Tow Lines & Heavy Service Equipment.

Made in North America

Additional information

Wheel Diameter
Wheel Type Forged Steel, HD Moldon Urethane, Moldon Rubber, Moldon Urethane, NyRock™, Solid Steel, V Groove
Bearings Roller Bearing, Tapered Bearing
Axle & Nut
Raceway ,
Leg Spacing ,
Plates A84L, A86L
Finish , ,
Brakes , , ,

Cyclone Series Specifications & Part Numbers

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