Zero Gravity Series

Our Zero Gravity Series is the smoothest, quietest ride you’ll experience. This hard-working, long-lasting kingpinless marvel is truly out of this world.

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We call this spring-loaded kingpinless caster Zero Gravity because the ride is so smooth and so quiet, it’s like being in space. In fact, the capability of this hard-working, long-lasting caster is out of this world.

This caster combines the durability of the kingpinless design with the moveability that comes with dual springs. With the load spread over the diameter of the head, and the caster welded directly to it, Zero Gravity can handle impressive capacities with ease.

The springs cushion uneven surfaces and obstructions, preventing shock to the load. This heavy duty shock absorbing caster has a pre-load capacity of 200 lbs. The bottom-out is 2,000 lbs., with a sweet spot of 700 lbs. at 4.5″ of deflection.

Options/Components: Available with a number of wheels including our RollX™, ProTech™ and Envirothane™. Brake choices include a universal wheel and 4-Position Lock.

Ideal Applications: Aircraft Ground Support Equipment, Amusement Parks, Asphalt Paving Machinery, Lift Truck Applications, Pallet Trucks, Trash Containers, Tool Carts & Material Handling Equipment.

Made in North America

Additional information

Wheel Diameter
Wheel Type Envirothane™, Envirothane™ Crowned, Lava™, Moldon Urethane Crowned, Protech™ Crowned, Purthane™, RollX™
Bearings Ball Bearing, Bronze Bearing, Caged Roller Bearing, Delrin Bearing, Nylon Roller Bearing, Precision Ball Bearing
Leg Spacing
Axle & Nut
Plates A38H
Brakes ,
Options , , ,

Zero Gravity Series Specifications & Part Numbers

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