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Originally built as a cradle for a jet engine, the BMF Series is a fully customizable ultra heavy-weight caster that has a maximum capacity of 65,000 lbs.

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Originally built as a cradle for a jet engine air diffuser, this fully customizable eight-wheel ultra heavy-weight caster has a maximum capacity of 65,000 lbs

The BMF has its weight independently distributed over all eight dual spring loaded wheels with 3” deflection. It features a 2” diameter axle with a tapered bearing. It also includes a custom top plate for ease of towing and a box frame design for lasting strength. An Ionic Black or Blue finish is available with a sandblasted rust inhibitor.

Options/Components: A variety of brakes including a thumb screw, universal wheel as well as a two and four position swivel lock. There are a number of wheel choices. Both the overall height and swivel radius can be customized.

Ideal Applications: Aerospace Industry, Tow Lines, Heavy Service Equipment, Aircraft Engine Stands, Ground Support Equipment & Industrial Platform Trucks.

Made in North America

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Wheel Diameter
Wheel Type Forged Steel, Moldon Urethane, Pneumatic, Presson Rubber, Solid Pneumatic
Leg Spacing
Axle & Nut
Brakes , , ,

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Algood Casters has manufactured, designed and developed industrial and specialty casters, brakes and wheels since 1969, in capacities from 25 to 65,000 lbs.